Welcome on LotoMap.com

Take your emplacement on the map ! You can place on your case, an image, a voice message or just a text. Why should I buy a case ? To promote your website or other. To convey a message. To promote your song. To make a funny vocal message and all that anonymously.. For each map, it'll have a theme, you can inspire you from it if you have no idea. When all cases are sold, a brand new board is implemented!

Since I've changed my host, the contact form wasn't functional. I sincerely apologize for anybody that had sent a message without receiving an answer. Now everything works.Here's the new LotoMap. It will be a test phase, if members like the new concept, it will evolve in this way. Hoping you'll appreciated it. Have a nice day all.

Theme : The first map is free ! Release pent-up feelings !
There are 25 total cases, which 14 sold and 11 remaining.